Should User-generated Content be a Matter of Privacy Awareness? - A Position Paper


Social Network Sites (SNSs) like Facebook or Twitter have radically redefined the mechanisms for social interaction. One of the main aspects of these platforms are their information sharing features which allow user-generated content to reach wide and diverse audiences within a few seconds. Whereas the spectrum of shared content is large and varied, it can nevertheless include private and sensitive information. Such content of sensitive nature can derive in unwanted incidents for the users (such as reputation damage, job loss, or harassment) when reaching unintended audiences. In this paper, we analyse and discuss the privacy risks of information disclosure in SNSs from a user-centred perspective. We argue that this is a problem of lack of awareness which is grounded in an emotional detachment between the users and their digital data. In line with this, we will discuss preventative technologies for raising awareness and approaches for building a stronger connection between the users and their private information. Likewise, we encourage the inclusion of awareness mechanisms for providing better insights on the privacy policies of SNSs.

Proceedings of the 9th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management - Volume 3: KMIS, pp. 212–216,