PDP4E: Privacy and Data Protection for Engineering

H2020 European Project No. 787034 PDP4E is an innovation action that aim at providing software and system engineers with methods and software tools to systematically apply data protection principles in the projects they carry out, so that the products they create comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), thus bringing the principles of Privacy and Data Protection by Design to practice. PDP4E aims to widespread the creation of products, systems and services that better protect the privacy and personal data of EU citizens. Role: Project Member (08.2018 - onwards)

User-Centred Social Media

DFG Graduiertenkolleg No. 2167The research training group (RTG) UCSM provides an interdisciplinary research environment with computer science and psychology as the main contributing disciplines. From this interdisciplinary perspective, it addresses research challenges related to Social Media which are understood as complex socio-technical systems characterized by features such as user-generated content, social interaction and awareness, and emergent functionality. Significant research gaps have been identified with respect to analyzing and understanding the characteristics and determinants of user behaviour, both at the individual and the collective level, as well as regarding the user-centred design of social media systems.Roles: Coordinator (01.2020 - onwards), Ph.D Candidate (11.2015 - 02.2019)

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